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Do you want your work to be mentioned on the same Website as Guitar Legends? Do you think you are good enough to cut it with the best? Well this is your chance to submit your work and become a member of the Guitar Heaven Organization. It does not matter who you are or your particular style.Guitar Excellence is all that matters. Send Your Name or Bandís Name + CD Title (1CD Only of your Best Work),with some kind of verification and a brief musical description and a forwarding address.Your Website URL if you have one and " A Donation for Full Membership." Contact Us. This Site is intended mainly for Little Known or Unknown Guitarists.


This is Art: The Business of Creating Beauty and Works of Excellence. Please No Profanity, No Racist Lyrics, No Anti-Religious Sentiment, No Poison. The Owners Reserve the right to refuse any Offensive material.


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1. Clive Headley/Out of a Dream Guitar Heaven
A Guitar Revolution, Breathing New Life into the Guitar!


2. Mike Campese Vibe
Also Check Out: Mike`s new Multi Format Instructional Release " Virtuoso Rock Fusion Concepts". Available on CD rom,VHS and VCD 1. My Goal is the share my music to as many people around the world!


3. Francesco Fareri Suspension
All the instruments create a powerful atmosphere where Francesco's expresses his best!


4. Miguel Mega G-Fire
I make music that comes from the heart and I have no boundaries, just let all your influences appear in your music!


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