GUITAR 2: 18-35


18. Great Keyboard player Herbie Hancock opened a whole new world of possibilities for musicians with his Phenomenal album Headhunters fusing Jazz and Funk. His backing band went on to form their own band under the name The Headhunters. Listen to the album Survival of the Fittest another Phenomenal Hardcore album. On track 1 you will hear one of the Heaviest Funk Tracks Ever God make me Funky and on the final track If you've got it, you'll get it you will hear one of the greatest ever guitar solos played by the Great Guitarist Dewayne 'Blackbird' McKnight. 

19. Great Bassist Larry Graham pioneered finger poppin, bass slapping and has a unique approach to Bass playing. He has had a major influence on generations of bass players through funk to the present time. Played on some revolutionary albums with Sly and the Family Stone. Later went on to form his own band Graham Central Station. Listen to Sly and the Family Stone Greatest Hits and to Graham Central Station Mirror and Now do you Wanna Dance (on Earthquake you will hear an amazing far out guitar performance) played by  David "Kid Dynamite" Vega. For a more comprehensive guide to the work of Graham Central Station listen to the 2 CD album Anthology.

20. One of the most influential Bass Players of all time is William Bootsy Collins. Having played on some of James Brown Classics recordings in his late teens-early twenties. He went to play a major role in the movement led by George Clinton of Parliament / Funkadelic the most influential of Funk Bands. He also recorded some revolutionary solo albums. The importance of Bootsy cannot be over emphasized during the 70's he was everywhere. Listen to Parliament albums Mothership Connection ,The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, Motor Booty Affair and as many as you care to listen to, also to 3 of Bootsy's solo albums Stretching out in Bootsy Rubber Band, Ahh The Name is Bootsy Baby and Player of the year. These album contain some amazing Bass lines, riffs and grooves. A true Legend. Also listen to Maggot Brain by Funkadelic for a Great Guitar performance by Great Guitarist Eddie Hazel. From the late 70's onwards the Guitar seat was filled by another Great Guitarist Michael "Kid Funkadelic" Hampton who contributed amazing guitar solos to their live stage shows as well as Albums.On the subject of Funky guitar players. A special mention to Wah Wah Watson(session musician) who played Amazing Rhythm Guitar on hundreds of Albums.Most people have heard his playing without knowing who the Guitar player is.A mention here of this Great Guitarist is fully deserved.

21. During the 70's Funk became a major form of musical expression. They were Funk Bands everywhere and the " Great Music" these Great Bands created was rarely heard by a mass audience.This music was mostly heard in clubs or in concert halls but maintained a Hardcore following to this day.One of the earliest of these Funk Bands was Mandrill. Listen to their album Composite Truth. On Fencewalk you will hear one of the Heaviest Funk tracks ever and an amazing guitar solo played by the Great Guitarist Omar Mesa.

22. Another Great Heavy Funk Band was called Slave who recorded a series of brilliant albums. Listen to The Best of Slave. On Slide you will hear another Truly Great Heavy Funk track with an amazing Guitar performance by Great Guitarist Mark " Drac" Hicks and also Great bass playing from Mark Adams.

23. More on Funk and more on Great Guitar Solos. The band Pleasure created a mix of different styles of music fusing Jazz and Funk. Listen to the Best of Pleasure. On Joyous another Great Funk track you will hear The Wildest Saxophone and Hottest Guitar ( Marlon McClain) on a single track.

24. There is lots more, the Great Band  The Meters, also produced a great series of albums of which Rejuvenation ranks as their best. For Funky Rhythm Guitar (Leo Nocentelli) and Heavy Bass ( George Porter) this album remains a Classic. Listen also to Cabbage Alley.

25. Legendary Soul Man Isaac Hayes created a Great series of solo albums with the guitar playing a major role on certain tracks. Listen to Cafe Regio's and Do your Thing from Shaft and The Look of Love from the album To be Continued.

26. Great Keyboard Player George Duke having played and toured with Guitar Great Frank Zappa released a Great Solo Album in the Early Seventies Titled "Feel". This Great Album is a masterpiece of the Fusion Genre, it is very difficult to find anywhere,but remainds an Underground Classic and a favourite album of this author.It also contains some surprising facts I only recently discovered .The Great Guitar Player on "Love" and "Old Slipper" with the alias Obdewl'l X was Frank Zappa playing Fusion.Amazing! Also Check out " The Aura will Prevail " the release after "Feel" for more Great Fusion and the playing of Great Bassist Alphonzo Johnson who also played in Great Fusion band Weather Report.

27. Great Guitarist Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention played a major role in the Counter Culture of the late 60's. As well as being a Great Guitarist he was an articulate spokesman for his generation. He has always been in the forefront of Guitar technology from his early days of experiments with various effects pedals (he was always bumping into Jimi Hendrix trying out the latest stomp box at Manny's. Check out his interviews in Guitar Player Magazine 1977) To his experiments with recording techniques.He was forever trying to make the Guitar sound different or more interesting.He also introduced the Guitar world to Guitar Great Steve Vai. Listen to Peaches en Regalia and Son of Mr.Green Genes from " Hot Rats " his best Album.Listen also to Freak Out and Apostrophe.Just Check out his work.

28. Great Drummer Tony Williams having played for several years with Miles Davis and other Great musicians went on to form an amazing band with the Great musicians John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, Larry Young called Tony Williams Lifetime.They played revolutionary music that was ahead of its time.Listen to the Albums Turn it Over and Emergency.

29. Another Guitarist that needs to be mentioned here is Guitar Great Sonny Sharrock. He played on the Miles Davis Classic Album Jack Johnson (but was not credited).Listen to the Album Guitar.

30. Great Bassist Miroslav Vitous was an early member of Great Fusion band Weather Report.But will always be remembered for his Classic hardcore groove album Magical Shepherd.

31.Great Blues Guitarist Albert King was an inspiration to many young Guitar Players including Guitar Great Tommy Bolin.They jammed together several times with Albert King always passing on advice.Listen to his Great Blues Album I'll Play The Blues For You.You will see what he means.If you buy only one Blues Album... This is the One.

32.Before the Hit Album Breezin exposed Great Guitarist George Benson's music to a younger audience.He had recorded a series of Classic Jazz Albums.Listen to White Rabbit and Bad Benson for some Great guitar playing.

33.Great Guitarist Joe Beck having worked with Miles Davis and on several sessions played a brilliant guitar solo on the Ester Phillips track What a difference a day makes but will always be remembered for his performance on the Fusion Classic by Joe Farrell Upon This Rock.

34.Great Guitarist John Scofield has played Great guitar on several albums and has played with a host of Great Musicians from Billy Cobham,John Abercrombie to Miles Davis.Listen to his solos albums Still Warm and Blue Matter

35.Great Guitarist Stanley Jordan turned a few heads in the Guitar World with his Awesome Technique and a Totally Unique Approach to the Guitar while still playing melodically and with feel.Listen to his first solo album Magic Touch.



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